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Jazz Guitar Transcriptions – Beginners Guide

Before we get too far into jazz guitar transcriptions, it’s vital to understand their importance. For starters, jazz is its own language with its own melodies and tones. Learning how to transcribe jazz enables you to get a better grasp of jazz language. It also turns abstract ideas into applications that you can use to … Continue reading Jazz Guitar Transcriptions – Beginners Guide


How to Play Jazz Guitar

Have you always wanted to learn how to play jazz guitar? Are you interested in exploring this incredibly fun instrument? If so, you probably want to get right to it, and I don’t blame you. Learning how to play jazz guitar is challenging, but you can conquer your fears and start to play like a … Continue reading How to Play Jazz Guitar

Jazz Guitar Chords

Jazz Guitar Chords

Jazz guitar chords are much different from traditional acoustic or electric guitar chords. To some people, they even look like postal codes. Sound intimidating? It doesn’t have to be. As a guitar teacher with decades of experience, I know how overwhelming it can be to make the switch to jazz guitar from acoustic. If you … Continue reading Jazz Guitar Chords